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Thai Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “I'm just going to tell a little story about this stain in its natural habitat. This past January I was doing some work on a tiny island off the coast of Malaysia, quite close to the Thai border. I didn't think I'd be smoking at all since I didn't have any connections and drugs carry such a stiff penalty (life in jail or execution!) but luckily for me, the native islander I was working for was quite the affianado. h...”

  • “💜..Whoa, This Intence old-school Thai has me Relaxing & chillin' while I honor All our Veterans Today!..Feelin' the Chronic Pain dissipating & my f'n PTSD melting, there's No ANXIETY here!..Happy, Calm, Mellow, Clear Headed THAI lifts me Up Fast..soo Elevating & Fun.."Lasts a Long Time!" I 💜 this Kind SATIVA Stone and will def buy again,Thanks to Marjoe of YHS!...Many Canna Blessings! Be Well, Heal ✌Jah😍”

  • “Picked up a little "Wild" Thai from Novel Tree this afternoon. Smokes clean and provides a little pick me up for the afternoon. Nice flavors and definitely a nice feeling when done. Happy New Year Washington! Retail marijuana is finally starting to shape up and show the potential we voted for. Enjoy your shops!”

  • “Red String Thai, a good strain if you wanna get mellow and not stoned, mostly head high but relaxes your spine, this is my medicine for torticollis (neck & spine spasms) and it works great. It is really cheap compared to skunk and strong marijuana, i got 7g for £25; almost a 3rd of the price of skunk. The best smelling cannabis ever! Smells herby and not to pungent. Its good old fashioned 1980's weed. Highly reccome...”

  • “You should have had this when it came tied to a stick! It was some of the best back in the late 70's”

  • “This is a very nice strain. At 1st when i started smoking it the effects weren't instant. But after 30 min it all started to come together. pros: nice body high nice head equally even burst of energy i smoked it at around 7:30 at night and woke up 5am still high. its a strain that creeps up on you but it last awhile. cons dry mouth little paranoid but it was minimal. i would definitely have this in my stash bo...”

  • “Smoked this one as a wake and bake, just shared a small bowl. And although it's only been about 20 minutes, I feel like I keep getting higher and higher. We are both regular smokers, and it takes a lot to impress me to the point that I want leave a review. Looking forward to getting some chores done this morning!!”

  • “Smoked half a gram of this strain and ended up cleaning the shit out of my entire room and kitchen. A great energizing sativa that will still leave you good and stoned. It got me feeling a little too internal, which didn't feel super great with how much energy I had. Not going to be my new morning strain, but if I need something for a sunny day in the park, I might pick some up again/”