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Pretty awesome little sativa. But with parents like train wreck & Oregon diesel (I think) it's no surprise this combo packs an energetic punch. Perfect for starting your day or for starting a project. I never have energy, my health isn't doing so well. Thank god for sativas. This strain helps big time with opiate withdrawal. I couldn't make it to the pharmacy to pick up my pills for 2 days, so I tried an indica I had at home but no relief. After tardis I was able to make it thru those 2 days just fine! I even reduced my mg by half!
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Form & Method

  • Concentré


  • Créativité
  • Énergie
  • Euphorie
  • Concentration
  • Bonheur
  • Faim
  • Loquacité
  • Picotement
  • Exaltation
  • Bouche sèche

Flavor Profile

  • Terre

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