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Super Sour Diesel Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “I was strain hunting and saw this at a local club, so I decided to pick up an 8th. Tight dense nuggets covered in a myriad of hazy white crystals. Beautiful orange hairs sprout from everywhere. The aroma initially hits you with a gentle sweetness and then your nose is flooded with an electrifying sour lemony overtone, sending a wave of chills up and down your spine. The smell alone acts as an aphrodisiac. Upon v...”

  • “I only smoked occasionally, throughout the years. Never put thought into; Super Sour Diesel changed all that. Instantly I found a comfort, that for years I sought out in pills and whiskey and sadly never found. My anxiety, stress, depression and alcoholism disappear within moments of inhalation. Never has my soul felt so at peace; it truly has changed my life. No more need to run for the Xanax or whiskey to calm my n...”

  • “What a beautiful strain! It's potent, the lift and drop are gentle, and the peak is strong, steady, not overbearing. It's one of the longest-lasting highs I've encountered among the strains I've tried and reviewed. Sometimes I'll do a second burn on the same bowl (I vape the first time on a lower heat setting, and then vape hotter the second time), and the second burn is almost as potent as the first. 1/8g or less is...”

  • “Great for wake and bake. Highly recommended when playing video games lmfao”

  • “Super Sour Diesel: I was really excited to try this strain since I loved Sour Diesel so much. This did not disappoint! I am still figuring out how to best "use" my new Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. I tried this in that first, but don't think it vaped well as I had a very slight buzz, but nothing earth shattering. So, I loaded up my glass pipe and smoked a bowl.... WOW! Just as great as I was hoping it would be. T...”

  • “this is a great strain to blaze. really strong, really dank. really, really dank. this is a great strain for people who can really hold their shit when they are totally baked. if not this is not for you”

  • “smoked a dub joint by myself. the first rip hit me near instantly, and halfway through i was in my own little world. i became focused on this streetlight that was flickering and couldnt tear my eyes from it for about 10 minutes. then i finished the rest of the joint and started playing battlefield 3. it made me extremely focused like i was actually in the game. after an intense 2 hours of feeling like one of the expe...”

  • “☄️🙉 Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel's love child? Yes please. I had high expectations and ended up higher than expected. Amazing all around. It took away the pain of existence and brought forth a creative and social spark. Very pungent, with a nice diesel aroma. I recommend this one for the more experienced toker looking for that subtle psychedelic experience that marijuana has to offer. Super Silver Haze and a de...”