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Pineapple OG Avis

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  • “I am getting off of the fentanyl patches and going to use medical marijuana for the pain that is 8+ all the time. I have been using this strain with a vapor pen and I am getting a lot of pain relief and virtually no problems. I am able to walk and talk better after my stroke ( caused by the fentanyl build up in my blood). I have a spinal cord disease that is deteriorating my spine and after many surgeries to stabiliz...”

  • “Wow talk about fruity tropical smell, like a pineapple I love it. The Bud: Wild whips of buds pop towards the top full of orange and ruby pistols I love how these snap when I crack them open. Extremely light but heavy and dank when pulling them apart very nicely done for a 20% thc. The Smell: Super fruity like berry or that of mango and pineapple very Iconic. The Effect: Heavy warming feeling on my forehead like I am...”

  • “Picked up a half oz of this in Denver and it is now definitely amongst my favorite strains, very sweet and tropical resembling it's parent Pineapple Express but also having hints of lemon and diesel. Five stars for sure”

  • “P.A.O.G. is smooth, sweet, with a pleasant view of Orange/Brown hairs. The texture is a condense chunky feel and look. The smell is citrus, tropic, pineapple, diesel infused and it's bold like smelling bold coffee. The high is a full head to body head with a high sativa effect that'll keep you going in a smooth way without feeling heavy. My focus was sharp, my body felt relaxed yet I did not feel lazy just chill. My ...”

  • “With Pineapple Express and OG Kush genetics, Pineapple OG is one doozy of a marijuana strain. This potent, uppity sativa dominant hybrid left me with a happy, talkative head high and an invigorating body buzz. Couch lock is not an issue with this one. At low doses Pineapple OG would be an excellent wake n bake strain. A higher intake, however, will leave you with your head in the clouds instead of reality. Overall, a...”

  • “Slowest working strains I ever tasted. This is really a sweet pineapple tasting strain. You will be able to stay productive without getting too high. This is the very definition of a mellow type high.”

  • “Daily smoker here, one of my favorites. Great for just about anything. No munchies or lethargy.”

  • “The Bud Shape: like a perfect Pinetree sprouts up into a fox tail towards the top followed by the calyx is that in your link and interweave inside the folds of the darker Mossy green leaves. I would describe the structure as a perfect bud. The pistols are bright orange and red like the sun in New Mexico on the Sandias mountains. The Smell: like a fresh fruit lots of lemon and tropical for Sells. Aroma invites kind ...”