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Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Jacked me up a little at dinnertime while cooking dinner. I think energetic and uplifter and focused would describe well but more goofy then anything... I'll have to smoke again and review right after.”

  • “NYPD, or New York Power Diesel is a fantastic sativa. As I smoke I get a burst of relaxation followed by the sudden interest of everything around me, and deeper into the high I get what I can the "classic high". Any experienced sativa fan will enjoy this and possibly choose to keep as the main bud of choice.”

  • “A very enjoyable, uplifting, yet very manageable high. Great in a social setting and for a good comedy movie! Expect to talk and laugh a lot! :D”

  • “TL;DR: Great strain to go through the hard times, or just to prime yourself for some serious action. Great uplifting feeling, very energizing. When I vape it, I don't want to sit around and think, but happily engage in some activity: socializing, playing games etc. Watching a movie also goes great with this one. But if I want to just sit down and contemplate my life, I become bored very quickly. About 1:20 hours la...”

  • “This is one of my new favorites. Great for social environments without being racy like some Sativa strains. I've been using this strain with friends around the campfire jam sessions”

  • “this strain is wonderful . as a big fan of sativas / sativa dominant hybrids this strain was perfect for me. that exciting euphoric almost caffeine like rush but balanced out nicely with the indica providing mild pain relief as well.”

  • “There are so many variations of diesel strains, each surprisingly different from each other. Power Diesel brings out your creativity, it does give you energy but not like the way most Sativa's feel like. Has an earthy taste as well as diesel. I picked up this strain in live resin, super strong. Use caution if prone to anxiety, I never get that as a side effect but others might due to it's potency.”

  • “It figures that the only strain in recent memory that reminds me of those friends and acquaintances who say pot makes them really paranoid would be called NYPD. What others call paranoid, I usually consider more detachment, which sativas sometimes spur. Good sativas always have that kind of detachment feeling, but in the form of energetic euphoria. Bad sativas just make you dizzy, like a police officer bonking you on...”