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Haze Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
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  • “I ve been smoking this strain regularly for about three years now. Sometimes nothing can compare to that classic old school haze. The cerebral high is a hard-hitter, makes me extremely focused, talkative and happy, it erases every iota of stress within me and gives me monster munchies. But it also causes a bit of paranoia for a few mins, which is easy to handle for me. One of my all time favs. But if u have a tendenc...”

  • “Great for pain and definitely gives you a happy uplifting feeling,and also easy to be with it if you got anything to do”

  • “•yowza, what a mind+body euphoric🔥💣-blast!• Presently smoking a BEAUTY-bud — Curaleaf's T-25% Haze, and after a mere 3 small bong-tokes, am a giddy & childlike-high.. of which i have not been in a very long time! • ¡Euphoria🔥overload! • • Highly recommend, albeit best-suited for long-timers. Newbies, start slow/even ONE hit w/any high-thc content, to truly enjoy this proud 🍊&🌲 piney parent of so many energizing...”

  • “It was awesome. I somked it on a warm sunny day, and everything began to shine in a strange kind of way. I can recommaned it to everybody. Awesome strain.”

  • “Had the Crockett Family Farms version of haze. This is a pretty powerful smoke. The citrusy aroma can't be beat, and this bud is the stickiest bud I've ever encountered. I like sativas but I usually like there to be some relaxing factor. I wouldn't say there is much of a relaxant effect. I don't feel that drop in anxiety like you do with most weed. However it still puts you in a great place. I feel very energetic rig...”

  • “Being that Im from NY is basicly 1 of the most common strains in the city.Is like a must smoke,you cant come to NY and not smoke some HAZE,is like coming to the city without walking thru time square or eating a slice of pizza or even cheesecake.Hands down,the best HAZE I've ever had you can find it anywere in Washington Heights AKA HOME OF THE HAZE.”

  • “The third picture in the gallery shows the best example of what I consider the best actual strain of haze. It's that fluffy nug that peels apart like a banana rather than having to grind it in a grinder. It's what we call "piff" which is a beige color accompanied by dark green tinges with dark hairs and smells like dryer sheets. We also call it Manhattan brown basement Haze because most of this particular type of ha...”

  • “Wowie wow wow wow wow! Giant, dark green, wispy colas reek of lime leaf, bay leaf, and white pepper. High-energy saliva effect is intense and lasts four-plus hours. Thank you Haze growers!”