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Had only had once before but smoked a few bowls with some friends out of a pipe one. It was a very earthy taste to it with a decently strong smell that didn't specifically resemble anything just that distinct weed auroma. After a few bowls and putting everything away It was one of those " why is it taking me so long to grab that baggy" . I got that slow motion high with a giggly and come to peace uplifted feeling, definitely good for being around some buddies. Later that night i was very relaxed in the body and did not feel like moving, munchies were not as bad as usual but deathly cotton mouth. Overall very good bud definitely will buy again! 🔥🔥
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Form & Method

  • Fleur
  • Fumée


  • Vertige
  • Bonheur
  • Loquacité
  • Picotement

Flavor Profile

  • Terre
  • Bois

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