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Chocolate Thai

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What is Chocolate Thai?

A legendary landrace strain from Thailand, Chocolate Thai first made an appearance in the U.S. sometime in the 1960s as “Thai sticks,” spindly flowers tied to a bamboo stick that were renowned for their potent high. Old school heads remember these buds as slender and airy, medium-to-dark brown in color, and possessing a unique chocolate-coffee aroma. Due to the fact that it was a long-flowering, low-yielding sativa strain that always produced male flowers and seeds and was incredibly difficult to clone and grow, it is most likely that Chocolate Thai no longer exists in its original form. There are several seed lines sold under the name, but these have either been crossbred to provide some stabilizing traits or are of unknown provenance.     

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Chocolate Thai Effects and Attributes

Manque d'appétit
Yeux secs
Bouche sèche
Mal de tête

Chocolate Thai Genetics and Grow Info

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7 - 9 wks
10 - 12 wks
> 12 wks

Chocolate Thai Flavors

  • 1. Woody
  • 2. Coffee
  • 3. Earthy

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“This review is about the legendary Chocolate Thai sticks from the 1977 to 1980 era. I obtained the genuine Thai sticks several times during this time period. At the time, three large thai sticks cost about $75, Each thai stick had about 3.5 grams of sensi flower bud with the chocolate flower tops tied to a small bamboo stick. The potency had to be 20+ % THC. Potency was outstanding and impressive. You simply could no...”

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“Ah, man, I remember my first (and only time) trying this a few years back in high school.. It really did taste like coffee and I would to get my hands on it again. The kid who sold me it was like 16 or some shit at the time.. I don't remember what it felt like really, but I still remember the amazing taste, so 5 stars for that! I want to start trying to find some of the strains my parents and their friends were smoki...”


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