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Chem's Sister

4,6| 18 Avis

What is Chem's Sister?

Chem’s Sister, also known as Chem Sis, is a sativa-dominant variation of the classic Chemdawg strain. This phenotype first emerged in 1996 and has since evolved into the uplifting, long-lasting sativa we see on the market today. Her strong cerebral effects come coupled with a distinct skunky diesel aroma underscored by accents of sweet sandalwood and citrus. Over the course of her maturation, Chem Sis’s mint green buds burst with white hairs that darken with age.

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Chem's Sister Effects and Attributes

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Bouche sèche
Yeux secs

Chem's Sister Genetics and Grow Info

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7 - 9 wks
10 - 12 wks
> 12 wks

Chem's Sister Flavors

  • 1. Chemical
  • 2. Diesel
  • 3. Citrus

Avis notables

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Plus utile

“This was vaped as an oil and was my first experience with cannabis. Popped my cherry hard but in a really good way. Gave me a strong head high, incredible insight, and euphoric times. I am a picky bitch when it comes to flavour, but though this was strong, it was not too bad. Knocked my chronic pain out for 72 hours after first use.”

Plus récente

“I have contacted Leafly to remove my original review. All I can say is I smoked some more yesterday afternoon before heading out to do a bunch of mundane errands. Wow. I was fully alert but in my own incredibly luscious bubble. I was so impressed. After four hours of running around I arrived home and still felt incredible. This is how I remember it before. What a great deal as I got it for a black Friday deal ...”


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