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Charlotte's Web Avis

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  • “I am in my mid 40s and have never used drugs either medicinally or recreationally. I don't drink. I have suffered depression along with anxiety for most of my adult life. A dear friend of mine (who WAS suffering severe depression) told me about greens for treating depression. I smoked my first pipe (2 hits) at her house of Green Crack and I felt a tiny bit happier. It did have some relief. After getting my lice...”

  • “Simply put, this strain destroyed my anxiety. The high is extremely clear headed which allows you the choice to go about your day or just chill. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for a few years and this has helped me find myself again. It's only been two weeks and I'm nowhere near 100% but I'm way better than I was two weeks ago which is saying alot. For me, this really makes me feel my past pain stored in m...”

  • “My Son has XQ28 duplication that brings on seizures. We have been using CW for a week at 50 ml 2 x a day. 90 % reduction in seizures + old personality starting to shine through. ~ GREAT BEGINNING! :)”

  • “One of the best strains for pain and anxiety. Low THC so no couch lock or paranoia for those who are sensitive. Can 100% function on it doing your daily tasks. We need more growers that grow low THC and high CBD strains.”

  • “💜...Charlotte's Web Tincture by The Stanley Brothers: A Love Blessing!..I've been taking this for a month now and WOW WE LOVE YOU CHARLOTTE!😘 Felt gentle Pain Relief after only a week accompanied by Reduced Muscle Soreness. Also Contols Spastisity and seems to Lower Overall Inflammation. A lovely General Sense of Well Being is noticeable now. After reading about CW and seeing a documentary about Charlotte hersel...”

  • “I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and some kind of spasm/twitch/involuntary movement hell that we're working on a name for. For the last part a neurologist (who I have since fired from my care team) told me to take klonopin. I took it as directed and it was the worst pain of my life and I've had two kids since the fibro started. Took pain spasms in major muscle groups to ones that involved my ribs and diaphragm...”

  • “I have tried numerous strains over the course of my life, and every one has caused be some degree of paranoia. EVERY ONE. Every one except for this one. Maybe that's due to its relative dearth of THC. Maybe it's due to the excess of CBD. Maybe both; I don't know. But I know that when I drink, I don't always want to chug hard liquor. Sometimes I just want a beer or two. Similarly, I don't always want to get high as ...”

  • “I'm a pro CBD activists which is why I love all CBD.. I'm more interested in low THC high CBD other then the 1to1 ratio or such. I picked up two grams and a Pre roll of CW it's my go to when I have to be clear head for work and stuff and still get relief.”