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Casey Jones Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Coming down is a pretty quick crash to sleepiness, but before the crash I actually had a new person in my house (I'm agoraphobic and suffer from extreme social anxiety disorder) and I wasn't freaking out about it and I was actually able to join in the conversation and joke and laugh.”

  • “Around here, my place calls it "KC Jones," so I'm not sure if it's the exact strain or not, but I'm going to guess so. This is one of the best strains I've ever used if you want to connect to that part of your mind that is open to new ideas, feelings, and truths. You know how sometimes when you're medicated, you just get those pure, awesome thoughts that your busy brain (working, parenting, relationships, etc) just d...”

  • “This strain is excellent. It is not an overly "aggressive" Sativa which many people may steer away from. I believe any cannabis enthusiast would strongly enjoy what I just smoked. I suffer from depression. Within minutes, I feel elated and motivated to get things done... I washed the dishes which have been sitting for over a day. More specifically: Mild eye redness. Medium dry mouth. I feel awake, comparable to mult...”

  • “In my opinion Casey Jones acts just like a Sativa with a very short high followed by a burst of energy and a happy go lucky attitude. This strain reminds me of exactly the kind of medicine the Hippies used to smoke in the 70's. The only issue I have with that is I want more stone before the the Sativa takes effect. (The C.J. upfront stone only lasted 30 mins. followed by an additional hour or so of background high.) ...”

  • “Casey Jones is a pretty effective Sativa, the flaver is a splendid Piney Sweetness, reminds me of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I've been stress free and chillaxed for Four hours so far. I also like to play video games and go outdoors. I will buy a 1/4 next time haha.”

  • “an 80% sativa/20% indica, one of the only sativas i can handle with my anxiety. creative, good for studying, doesn't get you lazy like other hybrids might. "The Casey Jones flavor is a combination of the confection-like sweet Oriental Express and the citric sour of the Diesel. The high can be felt almost immediately and lasts about an hour and a half. This strain has an "up" effect with a vividly trippy, thought p...”

  • “Casey Jones takes me on lovely conscious journeys every time I smoke it. It begins with that orange zest mentioned in the strain details, and then the high explodes from the back of my head to my lungs, only to zip through the rest of my body like goosebumps, or a chill. This sudden onset might not affect everyone, but I love this strain for when I need to calm down. You can't well be sad or pissed off when all you w...”

  • “great day time toke.. makes you wanna do laundry... vacuum..ect. you cant just do nothing.. great citrus taste.. nice nice..”