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Allen Wrench {{value}} {{symbol}}Aw {{category}}Sativa

Allen Wrench

4,3| 178 Avis

What is Allen Wrench?

Une souche populaire chez les amateurs des sativa, Allen Wrench a hérité les meilleures qualités de ses parents, Trainwreck et NYC Diesel, dont un goût frais de fruits acides et un arôme de fruits acide et floral. Allen Wrench fournit aux usagers un high cérébral durable et peut remplir une salle avec son fort arôme. Ses bourgeons sont vert foncé et ses feuilles ont des pistils oranges. Le temps de floraison d'Allen Wrench est de 10 à 11 semaines et son contenu de THC varie de moyen à élevé.

Where to Buy Allen Wrench

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Allen Wrench Effects and Attributes

Bouche sèche
Yeux secs
Mal de tête

Allen Wrench Genetics and Grow Info

Allen Wrench Flavors

  • 1. Pungent
  • 2. Pine
  • 3. Earthy

Avis notables

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“And then there's Allen Wrench. When it comes to the Wrench, don't flail around with grams: go right for an eighter. You'll appreciate the bag of High Times centerfold buds -- compact, rippled with red hairs and powdered with a dusting of white crystals; this is some of da kind that demands your attention. Don't just snap off a bud and cram it in your pipe, you fucking Philistine! No, stop and admire. Breathe in the c...”

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“So I can only smoke Sativa because for some reason Indica makes my chronic migraines worse. I had never tried this strain and it was recommended to me because it doesnt give you the hardcore munchies. For me the taste of the bud is so important. Allen wrench literally taste like licking a really allen wrench that was just drenched in fuel and oil. Hands down the worst taste. The high is good I wouldn't say great. It ...”


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