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by Tweed

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Tweed Cannabis Flower Penelope
Tweed Cannabis Flower Penelope

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About this product

5-15% THC | 3-13% CBD The Penelope strain is a hybrid with a balance of CBD and THC. The buds tend to be narrow but dense with bright-coloured pistils. The terpene pinene gives this strain a piney aroma complimented with notes of cloves from the terpene myrcene. Did you know? Penelope spelled backwards is Epolenep? Knowledge is power.

About this brand

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Hi. We're Tweed, Canada's leading source for all things cannabis. For us, it’s about more than just growing seeds into plants. It’s about starting a conversation and opening minds to fresh perspectives. And, perhaps most of all, it’s about becoming a part of the fabric of every neighbourhood that welcomes us. We have a wide selection of products that are as diverse as the communities we serve. We're constantly working to refine well-known strains from around the world, while also breeding proprietary genetics. With a commitment to best-in-class customer service, strain variety, and quality assurance, Tweed is setting the new standard for cannabis, right here in Canada.

About this strain

Skunk Haze

Skunk Haze
  1. Myrcene
  2. Pinene
  3. Caryophyllene

Skunk Haze by Mr. Nice Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid with Skunk and Haze heritage. This strain is appreciated for its medicinal value, and is often used for hash production. Grows are successful both indoors and outdoors, flowering between 9 and 11 weeks.

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Just a few days in and this great strain really takes me back. The Skunk origin shows up in the smell for sure. Just hints of 1990s nostalgia. The body buzz is solid while the mind isn’t overworked by HighAF THC. I smoked a 10% THC to 7% CBD from dispensary. Very happy. Will return to this brand for sure. Tweed is solid

I haven't smoked weed in years and decided to try again but wanted something with lower THC content since I had some unpleasant anxiety induced episodes in the past.I was recommended this strain at the local dispensary.The content of THC was 10% and CBD 7%.I have to say that I would possibly give a higher rating if the smoking did not leave me with feeling of burning throat and runny nose.I do not know if there was something wrong with this initial batch i got but its just so terrible to smoke and I am regular tobacco smoker.I also mix it with tobacco so should not be too harsh.Anyhow regarding the buzz I find it to be pretty mellow ,I did not get much of a head high ,my head was pretty clear and focused but it gives a decent body high.I usually take 4-6 puffs and find that I have to repeat again in half an hour or so because the feeling wears off.The good part is that since I suffer from tension and anxiety and I feel like this strain helps take the edge off.I would like to try some other similar strains and see if they work better for me.

I was looking for something that would help me with ADHD overwhelm, without conking me out. I am also prone to short term anxiety (my THC genetics explained why). So I wanted a 1:1 ish, sativa or hybrid. This was the only one that fit the bill through the OCS. It has proven to be very good for me. I stay clear, but also calm down. At small dose (a puff or so) I am able to work and exist in the sober world well on it. (I do cognitive labour work) At slightly larger doses, 4-7 puffs, it feels very sensually embodied and peaceful (mostly). Movement, stretching, and intimacy are all very nicely enhanced without any edge for me.