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Boaty McBoatface

by Tweed

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Tweed Cannabis Flower Boaty McBoatface
Tweed Cannabis Flower Boaty McBoatface

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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About this product

1-8% THC | 3-13% CBD In honour of the expertly named underwater vehicle, we decided to call this sativa-dominant CBD strain Boaty McBoatface. Its buds are a beautiful hue of green. This strain’s aroma is defined by the dominant terpene, myrcene, which is also found in mangoes and is known for having a sweet earthy scent. Did you know? Boats don’t actually have faces... but you probably already knew that.

About this brand

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Hi. We're Tweed, Canada's leading source for all things cannabis. For us, it’s about more than just growing seeds into plants. It’s about starting a conversation and opening minds to fresh perspectives. And, perhaps most of all, it’s about becoming a part of the fabric of every neighbourhood that welcomes us. We have a wide selection of products that are as diverse as the communities we serve. We're constantly working to refine well-known strains from around the world, while also breeding proprietary genetics. With a commitment to best-in-class customer service, strain variety, and quality assurance, Tweed is setting the new standard for cannabis, right here in Canada.

About this strain


  1. Myrcene
  2. Pinene
  3. Caryophyllene

MediHaze (or CBD Medi Haze) is an 80/20 sativa-dominant strain bred by CBD Crew that crosses genetics from Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze, and an undisclosed CBD-rich parent. Its THC to CBD ratio typically comes out 1:1, but some seeds will offer a doubled CBD content. THC and CBD’s synergy provide relief to a variety of symptoms, some of which include pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Pine, mint, and spice aromas burst from MediHaze buds in a fragrant introduction to its clear-headed, uplifting effects. 

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This isn't so much a review (I've never tried the product) as it is a question. Will these ever come out as softgels? I don't smoke at all. and this sounds like the ideal strain. Thanks. Just picked up a bottle of the Penelope softgels but have yet to try them. Fingers crossed.

from Tweedon December 4th, 2019

Hi, ian4040. Boaty McBoatface softgels don't exist yet, but anything is possible. Until that day, we'd suggest reaching out to us and together, we can go over what might be comparable. You can always reach us at 1-833-818-9333 or hi@tweed.com.

This is the perfect strain for beginners. Its smells more woody than skunky and smoked the same. This is my husband's favorite by far. For me, I don't like it as much for practical reasons. It's a bitch to grind (it's not so much that it has lots of stems like one user said, more like the leaves have tough veins compared to other strains that just don't want to grind), It is also not my go-to as it is what it advertises - lower potency, so I have to do 2 full bowls to get decently high (and I am a lazy MOFO and hate reloading especially when it's a longer prep). So not deal breakers for most people, just enough of one for me. Effects are wonderful. Light, giggly, super relaxed, and anything on TV is amazing when on this stuff. Super soft body high that just makes you melt into a puddle of happy fluffy goop. Very hard to go overboard on this one, and no anxiety issues, so definately choose this one if you want to introduce a friend to the green life.

I LOVE Boaty McBoatface. In fact, it may be everything I've ever looked for in a weed strain. Years ago I quit smoking weed due to the intense, negative, side effects (paranoia, anxiety, etc.). Recently, I decided to experiment with strains to try to find something that mellows me out without tripping me out (if that makes sense). Boaty stripped away all my worries and made me feel completely content in my surroundings. Never once did it make my thoughts race, or come close to creating feelings of paranoia/anxiety. Also, it didn't make me tired or hungry. This will probably be my go-to, unless I need help going to sleep, then I will choose an indica strain.

from Tweedon June 10th, 2019

Hi, Doobage_dawn. Wow, this sure brings a smile to our faces. It's great to hear that Boaty McBoatface was the perfect strain for your re-introduction to cannabis. Boaty tends to provide a non-sedating, functional and enjoyable experience. Perfect for daytime, we'd say. So happy to hear that you've found your new go-to.