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Dablicator™ Oil Applicator

Dablicator™ Oil Applicator

by Jetty Extracts

4 customer reviews


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What can't you do with this thing? I love the dablicator for one reason: you can do so much with it! I have dabbed with it before, but the greatest usage for me is using it as an edible. The oil is ready to be consumed straight out of the applicator if needed. This is great for times when I'm out of weed or cannot smoke because of where I am. I have put it in my coffee, on a cracker for a quick high or even straight onto my tongue. It's great for a topper on already prepared food. Pull this out at a party with your friends and give them a quick dab on their pizza, they'll love you forever. The oil is very viscous and easy to apply with the applicator. I'm currently using their Maui Wowie one and the flavor is slightly sweet with an earthy aftertaste. The high relieves stress and leaves you with a happy, energized high. :)


This was one of the most flavorful concentrates I have ever had. As soon as you inhale you get a nice fruity grape taste with a hint of that earthy indica taste. Like the name this reminded of a purple skittle or a grape starburst. Also the dablicator made it really easy to apply to my quartz banger without worrying about a tool. The high from this was relaxing but I also felt very happy and energized at the same time. It was a very flavorful product with a nice clean relaxing high that I will be returning to.


I find the dispenser/dablicator brilliently designed! It’s made to be carried without accidentally squirting the concentrate, through a safely locking mechanism. Twisting the dispenser’s grip, while holding the tip, will extend the push-button actuator, on the butt of the pen. Until then, even if the tip cover comes off, the concentrate cannot leak, or otherwise be ejected. Very cool. Just wish the 1ml size was available in the dispensaries in my area. Such a great dispenser...I feel it’s a shame to waste it on just .5ml.


When I took it out of the box took the cap off the tip came off and it fell into three different pieces very messy it doesn't click at all it's just like a really lame syringe very disappointed definitely terrible designed package