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Haven St. No. 407 Sapphire Daze Pre-Roll

by Haven St. Premium Cannabis

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Haven St. Premium Cannabis Cannabis Pre-rolls Haven St. No. 407 Sapphire Daze Pre-Roll

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About this product

Haven St. No. 407 Sapphire Daze contains a high potency of THC and presents a pungent, yet sweet, citrus and herbal aroma, with notes of fresh black pepper. Bright green buds are coated with brown hairs and shimmering trichomes. THC: 21-26% | CBD: 0-0.1% Aroma: Herbal, Citrus, Spicy Dominant Terpenes: beta-Myrcene, d-Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene, Guaiol, alpha-Humulene Available in 0.5g single and 5-pack.

About this brand

Haven St. Premium Cannabis Logo
Founded in quality and our pursuit of innovation, Haven St. Premium Cannabis offers a curated collection of flower, pre-roll, vape and tea products. To help you decide among the varying effects of our products, we have built a 5-block address system for easy exploration. The five blocks on Haven St. tell a unique story, with the intensity of experience increasing from The 100s to The 500s Block. With quality of the upmost importance we strive to deliver a consistent premium cannabis experience on every Haven St. Block. Our creative and intuitive approach aims to help you make confident and informed cannabis choices based on your desired effects. So, are you looking for something familiar, or do you want to discover a completely different perspective? Wherever you’re going, Haven St. can take you there. Discover the Haven St. Neighbourhood: Peace. The 100s Block. High CBD. Dissolve the burdens of the body and mind. Begin anew. Reset. The 200s Block. Balanced THC and CBD. Relax body and mind to unwind, decompress and let the day melt away. The world is still. Focus. The 300s Block. Balanced THC and CBD. Free the mind for enhanced clarity and focus. Let thought and creativity flow. Drift. The 400s Block. High THC. Leave behind all that infringes upon the waking body. Submit to the dream world and its drowsy bliss. Rise. The 500s Block. High THC. Excite your senses and spark social connections.

About this strain

Sensi Star

Sensi Star
  1. Myrcene
  2. Terpinolene
  3. Caryophyllene

Sensi Star is a potent indica marijuana strain. The effects of this strain will make you feel relaxed and sedated from head-to-toe. Consumers with a low THC tolerance should use caution when smoking Sensi Star, as THC levels have been reported as high as 20%. Growers say this strain has crystal trichomes that sparkle against dark green and purple coloration. Sensi Star can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia.

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Wed Feb 19 2020
I'm a bit of a tolerance monster, so be warned if you choose to read on =) Sapphire Daze was one of my absolute top strains during my 5-6 week stay in Canada for back treatments due to severe whiplash in 2009. My whole body ia realigning and the pain and stiffness are real! On top of that, I have severe irritable bowels that hate jetlag horribly. Needless to say, life can be pain and discomfort. I picked up a 0.5g pre-roll at my favorite dispensary (Lake City Cannabis, Chestermere, AB), since the price was all right. The pain and nausea were reduced right down and I found myself in the perfect balanced state. I was relaxed but not couch locked, able to eat without having the munchies, aware of my body without emphasizing the stiff areas too much, neither too social nor too antisocial, nor too focused or lost in thought. There was a definite high for 1-2.5 hours, which was really delightful, and I wouldn't recommend driving right after smoking but if you need some anxiety relief this may be worth trying once you come down a bit. I did find it rather strong, as the 0.5g pre-roll held up against some of the best 1g rolls I had during my trip. The smoke may have been a bit dry with some coughing, and I would rather get this in bud form for alternate consumption (like hemp blunts or edibles), but nevertheless, this was the most enjoyable, controlled, non-anxious high I had!
Thu Dec 05 2019
Amazing smell when you first open the tube. Smells sweet and a little fruity. Nicely rolled joint. Not as loose as some other pre-rolls I've had. It has a nice smooth smoke. Tasty. More sweet and fruity than peppery. Mine has 21.25% thc. Everything is happening at a lovely pace. The high isnt hitting me exceptionally hard. It feels like a nice little buildup for the high. I feel relaxed and happy. Most of the pain in my body is gone. Pretty baked. Definitely have dry mouth. About to eat a double BLT. Highly recommend this strain for mid to experienced users!
Tue Dec 03 2019
Love it! Giggly and cozy at the same time :) happy happy !