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Yoda OG Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Several times over the years, I've obtained a strain of cannabis that I considered my favorite. Back then, I was told the strain was OG Kush. I've gotten OG Kush many times since then, but it was never the same as what I had remembered. I've purchased Yoda OG twice over the past several months. This is the strain. The one that I've searched for. The look, the smell, the taste, the high...unmatched! This strain is wha...”

  • “Booooom shakalaka! Hits heavy like Babe Ruth in his prime using an aluminum bat and drinkin' some of that A-Rod juice. Couch lock inevitable, but not necessarily snoozy. Let mellow marshmallows surround your buttery thoughts. Try Yoda you should.”

  • “Very effective pain relief. Three lungs of vapour and I can feel the knots in my back loosening up, and the pain subsiding. The aroma is very strong with this one. Earthy and woody, it will fill your car with that trademark OG Kush dank on your way home from the dispensary. I was very surprised by my first hit, as the vapour had far more complex flavours in it. The earthiness and woodiness were still there, but ...”

  • “one of my personal favorite OG's and trust me I've grown A LOT OF OGs. for me I like my OGs but it's gotta be a hard hitting indica and this is one of them hard hitting ones. Yoda OG is great for sleep and just being lazy for the day. I always have either Tahoe OG or Yoda OG on me to smoke. the next best flowers for this indica type is Skywalker OG and king Louie 13 but if you have access to Yoda OG get the Yoda. 20/...”

  • “Top notch medicine! Pain went away almost immediately, anxiety slipped away leaves my head aurora feeling relaxed and pressure free. I used this medicine both day time and nigh time. Mixed with some sativa it helps to settle that anxious feeling, this medicine is best in its own. Great night time medicine seems to get even better after a couple. Swell Farmacy is a great place too knowledgeable staff very friendly ......”

  • “I have a skin disease called Vitiligo like the one that Michael Jackson has. Basically my immune system attacks itself so it's self destroying skin cells and other cells. My mom died of breast cancer and so I have a higher chance of getting cancer. Indica effects are known to calm your immune system and this Yoda OG does the best. I got an ounce of Yoda OG thinking that it was a regular bud but when I smoked only .3g...”

  • “Really like this! Just smoked some tonight, and my nerve pain is pretty much gone and my anxiety has gone from a 7 to about a 2 :) It's got a pretty pungent if you don't want to tip off the neighbors that you're firing one up, take precautions! Also, if you get a hold of this stuff....don't make any plans to go anywhere...definitely a chill on the sofa smoke!”

  • “This weed hits me hard! I feel like Yoda stabbed me with his lightsaber. Now I'm laying in my bed and don't want to move. Great strain, beautiful flower! The weed smells and tastes good and it's perfect for my good night toke. May the force be with you! Tired and hungry I am.”