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Purple Urkle Reviews - Page 2

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Loving this lovely eggplant color herb. I took some in the evening to relax after my parter got home but I was still able to pick up a little and finish up cleaning probably because it is really good for my pain. I'm smoking it now from a bong right after waking up- seizure time- and my brain feels calm a few minutes after smoking. I feel very relaxed and I think I will sleep well. I bought some high quality herb a...”

  • “By far the best bud I have come across. I love the aesthetics of this bud. It looks amazing, when I pull this bud out, even people that don't smoke ask me what it is. It has a very sweet taste that is also grapey, lick your lips after blowing your smoke out, you will understand. It's smell, though sweet and fantastic is not SUPER odorous like some other buds (i.e. Ogre) where you can smell it in the other room but it...”

  • “Recommended for insomnia, muscle spasms, pain, stress. This is the heaviest, strongest, couch lock strain I've experienced over decades. This strain is great for when you really want to sleep. As another reviewer said, you can function for a while but eventually you will have to sleep. The stone is heavy and lid closing. The extreme relaxation can eliminate muscle spasms and pain. Not recommended for times when you ...”

  • “Fast, effective pain relief in a tasty fruity package. I was lazy, and perfectly fine with that, as a very enjoyable euphoria took over and made everything alright. A bit psychedelic at higher doses. Nice.”

  • “The flavor of this Purple Urkle is amazing, reminiscent of a very earthy fruity grape picked from a garden. Very true indica at heart and different from the Grandaddy which is also very popular in Northern California. The body high on the Urkle washes through you like a wave and food and sleeping never felt better. This is different from the Grandaddy in the sense that Grandaddy tends to give me a very "in...”

  • “Purple Urkle is great! Very strong stuff. You get a intense heavy buzz that induces couch lock. If you can't sleep or have problems sleeping, Purple Urkle is definitely for you. Use this one at home and During the evening. :-)”

  • “I have insomnia and i smoked this and slept the first full night in 6 months”

  • “Absole favorite bedtime weed. DO NOT smoke this to start your day because chances are you won't even start it.”