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Purple Urkle Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “I take a capsule containing 120 mg of THC and its strain is Purple Urkle, by mouth as soon as I get up in the morning. I have severe nausea and vomiting post gallbladder surgery. I am emaciated, skin and bones ... 115 pounds! I literally thought that I was dying! I heard from another patient that it helped her so much, she gained 15 pounds in two weeks. The doctors have given me everything they have for nausea, vomit...”

  • “This strain is without question one of the best insomnia and migraine headache medicines you can find. Extreme munchies followed by many yawns and eventually a very restful sleep are a given. Top shelf indica. Highly recommend.”

  • “it tastes like sweet grape soda and fruit, and i got so high i forgot my soda was open and put it in my coat pocket. good times.”

  • “I decided to give this strain a 10, in addition to this being my first Leafly review, because I felt others suffering of my illness might benefit from using Purple Urkle. I have severe obsessive compulsive disorder for which I take a mild SSRI (by choice as my psychiatrist advised a far more potent drug) and Ativan when needed. My OCD is so bad that I have been hospitalized twice for panic attacks. Anyhow, both of t...”

  • “This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite strains to smoke. I was very into sativa dominant strains until I rediscovered just how soothing and relaxing a good indica is. I've come to find that strong sativa - for as great as they are (headband/sour kush being my favorite!) - tend to make me very paranoid and anxious as the THC content is very high and other cannabinoids like CBC, CDB, etc. that are more sedating...”

  • “🚀...Sooo enjoyed tokin' this SexyStrain last night with my Sweet HoneyBaby!😍...Such a Mellow Gentle Laid-Back Tranquil Mellow Kinda HIGH...EUPHORIC Aphrodisia! Gorgeous yummy Purple Urkle is one of our AllTime Fav Indicas( been smokin' MMJ for a few decades)!! Made me Totally forget about the Chronic Pain...Anxiety??..what Anxiety?!..Slept like a HoneyBaby💋...🎶 All My Lov'n...🎶...HIGHly Recomend!! BE WELL!✌”

  • “Such a dank Indica, but you have to like these great indica's! It totally spaces you out and makes you nod out hard. This Purp is insane looks and smells amazing!!!! Probably best for Pain, Insomnia, Bi-polar Disorder, Spams plus allot more. This is a very dank Indica my homies!”

  • “This strain is the reason I love indica. As a big guy, I need a powerful punch. The taste is delicious, and the high brings back memories and feelings of getting stoned for the first time. Definitely a strain for experienced smokers. It may cause sleepiness for some, but for me, it gets me right where I need to be.”