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Platinum Kush Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Kuuuusshhhhhh is just how this one makes you feel. Like sinking into a nice pillow. I didn't have a strong feeling one way or the other for the smoke. (Although my vape broke and I had to use my little water pipe -- so I tasted a LOT more smoke than I usually do. I will review again when my beloved vape is back in action.) But the high is very nice combination body/head high. A calmly centered high. The creativ...”

  • “Nice smooth burn. I get a really floaty head high with this, very relaxing. Tastes good too. Warning: giggle attack may ensue”

  • “Method: Hot Box Vaporizer Pack size: Medium Pulls: An incredible 5 to 7 pulls!!! Ultra Sticky Bud: Vaporizer Screen Killer:) I could probably crawl on the ceiling if I stuck enough Platinum Kush on me. But what a waste. Let's vaporize some. And then some... And then some... And then some... OMG! This bud hits forever! So much resin! Its so Robbin goddamn Thick! Nice start. This weed is boom dynamite. And I prefer hea...”

  • “I was partying all night with my football team homies and this was the strain I brought. It goes down well with rum and the high on this strain is fabulous. I felt happy, giddy but not jumpy and I felt confident. Overall if you deal with anxiety this is a fantastic strain!”

  • “PK got rid of my migraine and as a nice "side effect," also massively reduced my anxiety.”

  • “This tastes like Grape Ape crossed with Purple Hindu Kush! It has that perfect sweet grape/berry flavor and then it hits you with that hashy peppery flavor. Awesome combo and knocks you on you ass for a good couple hours ^~^”

  • “Awesome feelings of floatyness... everyone takes a step back after a lung full of Platinum Kush.”

  • “The Variety I had was expertly grown and cured, after examining the nugs for only a few seconds this became obvious. Some of the most crystalline bud I have ever seen, and it smelled like a cheese and fruit platter when ground up. Very heavy high, great for pain relief and relaxation, I would strongly recommend trying this if you come across it, you are investing in your happiness.”