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Orange Kush Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Well im pretty high. So..”

  • “so many hairs, i thought i was looking at chewbaccas balls”

  • “One bong rip had me good an on my ass for about two hours. This strain is very potent. It has an aroma of citrus and cat urine/ammonia. Very high odor, even in my top dresser drawer the entire second floor reeked of bud. Glass vials a must when transporting or storing. Fast acting strain, was completely stoned within a few minutes. Main effect is a serious case of the tinglies. A very pleasant experience. However, be...”

  • “Orange Kush is amazing. It helps me get shit done. This amazing strain makes sense to the senses, and opens the third eye. Happy Toking 🚬🚬”

  • “Orange Kush is a creeper that works magic for those stressed out days, & gives the body a loose feel that stays with you, giving an awesome deep sleep. Buds are HUGE, kinda like Big Buds strain, with the hairs giving it the appearance that its a juicy orange delight. The smell & taste overall have a mellow citrus, not like lemon stains and carries a heavy aroma that could make you drool. Again don't be fooled, it ...”

  • “I honestly think that this may b hands down,"the strongest" strain I have ever smoked!”

  • “5 star bud... Made me so giggly, so focused, so relaxed. An any-time-of-the-day smoke for sure. Waking and baking to orange kush is a feeling like no other. I recommend this strain.”

  • “Great Indica. Just picked up an eighth and heading to see Star Wars: Episode VII. Pretty decent body high but not too overwhelming. Minimal couch lock, so you can still operate in public and have a good time. Euphoria came on strong in the beginning but that could have just been excitement for a new Star Wars.”