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LA Confidential Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “This is a POWERFUL psychedelic... it's awesome!! We ended up watching Wallace & Gromit and having sex.. then passing out listening to music lol! When laying there listening... it was just WOW the images that kept coming to my head.. the creativity.. it was amazing! I felt very relaxed, but I didn't feel super tired. My husband, however, passed out quickly and fell asleep immediately! I very happily laid down just lis...”

  • “I just smoked a bowl of this LA Confidential. Let me tell you.. Wooow is this strain amazing! Can't really feel the effects at first, but 10 minutes later it all comes on top of you like a tsunami. I am ridiculously high right now my goodness. The taste of the herb is a sweet/marshmallow taste. This wow okay I'm really high now.. I going to stop rambling on about things now. Goodnight everybody. (=”

  • “Even though it's a pure indica, LA Confidential remains a fantastic all-around strain. Great as an inspiration for devouring food, watching a movie, or laughing conspiratorially with friends. I think LA Confidential's best attribute is its ability to eliminate stress. It will have you feeling like a hungry, happy, melting pad of butter without inducing couchlock.”

  • “This is a phenomenal indica for its versatility. While the body buzz is the focal point of this strain there's also a slight psychedelic head high that's great. There are few indica's I've experienced that carry this much euphoria it's wonderful, I felt as if I was floating a foot above the couch. I'll also add this is a nice daytime indica due to low levels of sedation. 10/10”

  • “I had a very good time with this strain, PERFECT for after work relaxing/stress release. I am very picky as it is because i have Panic disorder and sometimes certain strains will a bit to strong for me. But this strain completely took away my anxiety or any bad thought. I was very relaxed and happy the entire time, i did have a dry mouth but that usually is no problem with me i just end up getting my daily dose of wa...”

  • “Wow! What a strain! One of the most powerful I've used. It's a strong Indica, and while I don't feel like doing much, I feel like I retain my mental faculties. With that, I can still respond to emails, phone calls, and even hang with my grand parents. I'm actually on it now! I use it to help me sleep and relax my muscles. I took an 80ft. fall two years ago and have some paralysis/nueropathy, arthritis, and muscle ti...”

  • “I had 2 grams of L.A. Confidential and let me tell you, it put me straight to sleep. I probably took a few hits and was knocked cold for several hours. I wasn't even tired before and it still K.O.d me. I recommend this to all people who have insomnia issues!”

  • “Gave me an appetite for vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with Baileys like you wouldn't believe. Probably not great stuff for yoga or hiking - more of a strain for watching reruns of Ren and Stimpy or The Dark Crystal, or, hell, just any box with light coming out of it. Has some potential for encouraging screenplay ideas or nonsense aphorisms, and for having sex if the day hasn't been too long. Good for reading Tang D...”