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Blue Diamond Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Sheeeeeeeeeesh. As I got home from the job I took a few hits while I was on the toilet and I thought I fell in the toilet. That pretty much sums up this strain.”

  • “This is honestly the best one I've had. I have bipolar and my head can get crazy. With blue diamond kush I'm focused and motivated. Get r Done!”

  • “Great strain. I got this strain yesterday and I can say this is great, the feeling is relaxing yet hyped. I felt happy and energetic but very sleepy after a short while. Recommended for night time usage.”

  • “I must admit, I hadn't smoked in about 2 years possibly more before I tried this amazing strain. I was visiting home (California) from my current state Kentucky. Two of my best friends had practically forced me to try this weed and I was hesitant because I have had precious battles with anxiety and panic attacks. I never relied on weed as a remedy because in the past it made my anxiety worse. After being persuaded to...”

  • “Went camping with some friends and we smoked this. We then talked about how humans are cells to the Earth so... yeah great head high for me almost pulsing with euphoria.”

  • “Tried Blue Diamond recently for the first time, and it is spectacular. Very dense buds with lovely crystals that crackle when the flame hits. A great pick-me-up for after work to relieve the day's stress & depression. Highly recommend this strain!”

  • “I got this as an extract, clear gold, hard pull-snap. The flavor was amazing. It was like I had a berry RUNTZ in my mouth, sugar and all. Potency was nothing special. Its a very relaxing high. It settled my stomach and put me in an excellent mood. I couldn't stop smiling. It also made for a great night's sleep.”

  • “What can I say - it's a wonderful world to be living in with delights such as blue diamond! Insane creative energy, I'm not brain dead like I get sometimes... This is the best-of-the-best for people who want to get active and don't like couch sinking. 12/10!!!!!”