Alien Dawg Avis

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  • “Why is this strain called Alien Dawg? Because it makes you feel like an alien, dawg. You just passed your spaceship driver’s test, and mom and pop alien are finally letting you take the spaceship out on your own for the first time. The galaxy is yours. This is what freedom feels like. You can go anywhere you want now! “Don’t go to the Dabula Quadrant, it’s too intense for the ship.” “Yes, ma.” You can go ALMOST anyw...”

  • “So i picked up some of this after work the other day to try. As I got home I smoked about 2 grams of this throughout a timeframe of 2 hours or so. Very relaxing calm high. As soon as you smoke this you feel the pressure set in behind your eyes before it locks you to the couch. The high lasts for a while also. Probably about 2 hours. Very good strain to just kick back and watch a movie. Medicinally I would suggest thi...”

  • “this is one of my faves. I'm sensitive to weed, so just one or two hits does the job. cool thing is if you don't smoke a shit load at once, it's a beautiful feeling, then you feel it wearing off a bit and just have a few more hits, it's not overwhelming that way. I have epilepsy and it helps my nerves relax, helps my depression tremendously. doesn't make me anxious or trip either, it's a calm euphoria. not the prett...”

  • “Alien Dawg is one of my favourite strains. Alien Dawg is especially great for stress relief, and while it presents a heavy, yet relaxing body-high, it also brings forth euphoric moments and eases muscle/joint pain. After 1~2 Hours in, I felt significantly more relaxed and was ready for some sleep or felt like taking it easy in a comfortable area.”

  • “Alien Dawg is a pungent and chemically-tasting indica strain that sends out cerebral sparks of creativity while providing a sleepy or relaxing physical demeanor. The strain is well named - it carries strong qualities of the notorious Chem Dawg with a noticeable taste and scent with a diesel or laboratory quality, a potent cerebral high, and a steady body feeling. Tapping into the Alien Technology side, the cerebral ...”

  • “I got this last night and let me tell you it smells like you ran over skunk the second you get it. Their are so many hairs and its just soft and cushiony. It's dense as hell. after 2 bowls from a bong I was pretty good and I'm a daily smoker. only down side is when I smoking it I knew I had more weed than I was lightning and I figured out fire doesn't move so easily through it so you gotta push the cashed top down to...”

  • “Has an awesome smell. Even though it's an Indica, I can smoke all day and not need to go to sleep, some kickass shiiiit”

  • “Great strain, very sweet honey like taste. Smells mildly sweet, provides excellent mind and body relaxation. Took 10 weeks, but was worth it. Does very well in deep water culture. Moderate yielder depending on veg. Good strain tho.”