Afghooey Avis

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  • “Delicious spicy-fruity bud. I got mine as "Afghan goo"...i think this is the same thing. It's label said 70/30 sativa/indica hybrid, and it feels like it! Great sativa upswing with am enjoyable, non-overbearing sativa "chill". I'd get it again!”

  • “If weed highs were measured like earthquakes, this stuff is bringing the city down.”

  • “• there aren't many pure indicas that I will smoke or vape all day... except for (Advanced Grow Labs') *Afghooey* — a pure cannibis vaping oil that clocks-in at a whopping 81% thc, while I've never seen such an impressively complex terpenes-profile (w/such high levels OF said-terps!) • 👌🏻 • Sweet, delicious, intense flavor & 007-smooth, welcome + delightful inhalation of blessed-euphoria immediately blankets my bo...”

  • “Got this strain, Afgooberry, in a preroll, only hit it 4-5 times, then I put it out. Needless to say, I went back to the dispensary and got it in actual nugs. Very potent in the sense the indica will keep you in one place while the sativa sends your mind into a soaring euphoria. I am a pretty well-seasoned smoker, and a pot connoisseur at best, but this strain definitely medicated me and relieved me of all of my dail...”

  • “I have smoked this for the last few weeks and it has really calmed a normally acid stomach from regular Gastritis and IBS. Also a really creative, soothing high for when you have shit to get done and not get distracted. Good Afternoon, My Ghooey friend;)”

  • “Great strain before bedtime, the laughing stage lasts from 30 minutes to an hour and then you are ready to sleep. I get a lot of giggles first.”

  • “I've been in Reno NV for a little over 11 years now and when I used to have to buy off the streets this strain I would come across it quite a bit, I know right away when I used to get it because of the very particular smell and it was always stickey and had tiny pink hairs on it. I seen a few photos of exactly what I've gotten out here in Reno. We just call it the GOO out here. I'm always happy with my sack. The Goo ...”

  • “This strain has a very odd texture, it's sticky but very loose and plyable at the same time. It gives off a very fruity almost spicy flavor, and the aroma is pretty unique. The bud itself was very light and fluffy, with plenty of orange hairs. The high really went to town on me. I had literal couch lock for a good 3 hours. The whole time I had very very trippy visions, and my vision was very distorted. I personally w...”