Abusive OG Avis

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  • “Abusive OG is an absolute classic. Looks are dark green with many red-orange hairs and thrichomes. Smells pungent and and a bit fruity. Very harsh kush tasting OG. Racy mental stimulation fades into a clear-minded couchlocked state. Great for full body pain relief. Cleans the mind of all worries. Very Potent and long lasting. Save for long lazy days. A must try!”

  • “The high is an extremely pleasant combination of the traditional indica relaxed and hungry high with the alertness of a sativa high. This is my new favorite strain, as it has none of the grogginess of an indica and none of the anxiety which can accompany more potent sativas. A truly exceptional strain, I recommend it to anyone who is dealing with chronic anxiety yet still has to function throughout the day.”

  • “Very dank bud. Some of the best i've smoked in the last couple weeks. As soon as you cracked the jar the entire room smelled stongly. The bud's also looked almost white covered in trichs with reeeealy dark orangish almost brownish hairs. All in all I have to say it would some of the best tasting, looking, and smelling i've ever purchased from a dispensary. Wonderful high. Very heady paired with a very relaxing body h...”

  • “Very very beneficialn to chronic pain.”

  • “I found this strain to be a heavy indica. However I also liked that even though it was heavy, I was still able to function. Before medication my pain was 10 plus. Within 30 min pain, and anxiety diminished to an 8.”

  • “I obtained a gram of AOG from Ajoya in Louisville CO. Its an outdoor and you can most def tell. Very odorous with a sour, eucalyptusy, earthy aroma. The flavor is spicy and hashy. The buzz is body and mind numbing. Def a good strain for the end of a long day or to numb the pain.”

  • “from what I understand by abusing the plant while it grows it's supposed to increase thc production.”

  • “AMAZING STRAIN. Bought it for the name, originally, laughing about it in the shop. I did not expect it to be so potent and intense. It takes you to a whole other world and can last for hours or minutes... Great equal body and mind high. I recommend this to people who have been smoking for a while.”