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  • “Chai Tea Recipe: I use my hash plant in tea form. And usually drink before going to bed. Evenings/night is when I have so much leg and body pain and problems sleeping. I put flowers buds in a coffee grinder and grind into powder. I heat water to boil and put about a T. or less in tea ball or paper teabag, to equal parts of half n half cream and boiling water, (as THC is not water soluble) I add 2 T. of spiced Mysti...”

  • “This indoor hybrid has a high calyx/leaf ratio & finishes flowering in 7 weeks or less. Our big-yielding, lemon-scented female clone named "Genius" because of her CLEAR, energetic, thought-provoking high was crossed with a robust Cinderella 99 male to create Apollo Eleven. Expect some variation among individuals. The best females are short, heavily branched plants with multitudes of dense, resinous bud sites - perf...”

  • “Berry/bubba Cush outstanding great with sleep and hunger”

  • “Very fruity smelling & sweet tasting. Mind and Body high, giggly and long lasting.”

  • “Helps with stressful days. Usually other things I smoke cause me to be paranoid, however this strain didn't. I felt calm and able to focus on things I was interested in. Didn't really notice I was hungry for about two hours. Just make sure you got your favorite juice around.”

  • “I liked this one, alot. With it's orange/green coloured leafes, I didn't have too much munchies, only ate a bag of crisps during the high. It though made me very thirsty, fanta exotic tates like heaven during this high, lol. Funny thing though, I was riding my bike down a road just after smoking, I saw the same houses over and over again, roads started bending as I was riding my bike down them, even though they seeme...”

  • “i Like it.”

  • “Great strain!”