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What is SeattleSoda?

SeattleSoda is a multigenerational breeding project between Superseed Company and MikeHydro. This strain began with Superseed’s Sodalicious male which was then crossed with Seattle’s own UW Purple. The first generation of this cross went on to propagate all known SeattleSoda seed stock currently in the wild, but several unique phenotypes have also appeared up and down the West Coast. SeattleSoda emits an enchanting aroma of grape candy, frosting, and effervescent sweetness. This is an incredibly heavy hybrid that petrifies the body with blissful, stoney relaxation

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SeattleSoda Effects and Attributes

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SeattleSoda Genetics and Grow Info

SeattleSoda Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Pine
  • 3. Grape

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Plus utile

“Grape frosting scented, with an incredibly smooth and complex flavor. This herb is effervescent on the exhale, as if it were carbonated! Mellow high, perfect for hiking, biking, or relaxing with your friends. One of my favorite new strains!”

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“Appearance: light green, lots of crystals, amber colored hairs. Smell: pungent, sweet smell Taste: earthy, piney Effect: headband-like feel, relaxed mind/body, euphoric, creative, not overwhelming Picked up 11.24.18 from cultivate in Leicester, MA. Smoked out of a bubbler and a spoon. Pleasant strain to smoke and leaves you with a relaxed high, not too intoxicating but certainly satisfies and does not leave you wan...”