Mochi Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “This is my favorite strain for night time, I’ve ever had. It doesn’t have a strong nose but the flavor is like berry syrup. Smoke is very smooth and after a few hits, you will feel your body go limp. Your muscles and any stress wash away and you’ll be floating on a cloud for several hours. These buds are total grinder killers and are visibly stunning. Hard to find but there is a constant supply on the central co...”

  • “Very potent strain, pungent and minty. Great for sleep and anxiety .”

  • “Mochi is a very exotic strain, it’s like smoking gelato and cookies at the same time for real.”

  • “Very potent strain, very pungent smell, great for sleep and anxiety.”

  • “Love the smell and has lots of purple! Amazing ! Great for Art majors lol”

  • “Great strain for sleeping and deep relaxation. Has a minty after burn. Overall, a great time and helps a lot with stress and insomnia.”

  • “Amazing taste and smell like sweet vanilla and mint. Creative Euphoria along with a relaxed body high. Great for when you’re not feeling your best!”

  • “compact little buds perfect smoke really smooth can't fault it”