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Kosher Tangie Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Kosher Tangie, my friend. Wow why doesn't this auto capitalize? Anyways, I'm high on this right now with my twinkling string lights on in my cozy little cottage/cabin home. I feel awesome. One good hit was all I needed. Damn, talk about priveleged. I am so lucky right now. I can't wait to read this when I'm sober. And show my boyfriend when he comes home 😁 So this weed tho. I feel mellow, chill, good vibes. Creativ...”

  • “I had sex with someone while high on this strain and it was pretty fantastic. The high was, I mean; the sex was good too. But this strain made it better, I guess lmao. 10/10, would recommend.”

  • “Tangie is always a fav, but KOSHER Tangie?? Oh damn.. I saw this at The Herbary and just had to try it. Smell is similar to Tangie with the citrus sweetness, yet there is some herbal/spice and.. berry? Tastes like orange peel; citrus, tart, pine, and of course DANK! High is quite euphoric and relaxing. Seems to hide the pain in my healing collar bone(clavicle?) pretty well, honestly a little better than the Hydromorp...”

  • “Have you ever felt that golden shower of sunshine splash over your face early on a crisp, winter morning? No, me neither. But Kosher Tangie would make an excellent substitute! The first magical whiff covers the senses in spicy orange zest that dances within a grove of young pines. As it opens up (expands) Kosher Tangie feeds you a dramatic serving of salted lavender, roasted chestnuts and candied pines. Whooooo whee...”

  • “Well I have to say i don't know who wrote the bar scale for this but can I say this flower is great. I love the way it makes you focused and happy. I can get up in the morning and instantly feel awaken and ready for the day. I don't know many statins that can do that without impairing your judgment or motor skills. So overall very very good strain defiantly keeping this one close to my chest draw 😄 Flower smell 😊...”

  • “I have been searching for the correct strain for my health issues now for better part of a year ( been smoking for over twenty but havnt really known what I've had until it went legal and you go to the Disp and know exactly what your buying not like on the street) but I'm a Indica, Kush person, but Kosher Tangie has been like finding a cure, this is the perfect medical bud, two simple great strains put together and w...”

  • “I was blown away by the smell and bag appeal, but the best part about this strain is the high! The hybrid genes makes it great daytime med for nausea n pain relief. It comes on strong and last longer then most.”

  • “Put me in a hella good mood man.👍🏻 👍🏻”