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Headband Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
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  • “Very versatile strain. It really has two different highs to it; one is when it's consumed in low doses, and one is when it is in high doses. The most recent batch of this at Montana Buds is around ~22% THC and ~0.1% CBD, and it has an extremely prominent lemon scent, with a hint of diesel. The flavor was surprisingly more lemony, and the thick smoke gives it a creamy aftertaste. Really outstanding flavor. Now when t...”

  • “Unbelievable strain. Easily my favorite that I have ever smoked. Headband(sometimes known as 707headband) has you feeling uplifted and relaxed just after exhale, and after about 5 minutes feeling the head high coming on and relaxed. After 20 or so minutes later after slowly being lifted up, I usually get slammed almost out of nowhere with an extremely heavy head high and very noticeable calming and soothing body high...”

  • “Very happy high good for depression or nausea.”

  • “😍😍😍😍 I have recurrent tension headaches and this so far of the all the strains I've tried is THE cannabis medicine for it. Very mind expanding, fast acting, creative high that will put you in a good mood instantly. One of my favorite highs so far. Highly recommend! 😍😍😍😍”

  • “Headband is good times all around my crown. One of my most beloved best. No bad stuff for me (anxiety, paranoia, ect). Probably one of the very best for depression (besides PR). This one has been a frequent go to anytime I need to see the world in a slightly different light.”

  • “I've gotten some headband which I mistakened as lemon haze because of thr citriusy scent (& I've never had lemon haze before, but I was told it was lemon haze) & I'm starting to believe it was some headband because I've read reviews on lemon haze & the comparison to the weed I smoked which was actually headband makes sense. This gave me the chillest high & I genuinely mean that. You feel relaxed as if it were a dream...”

  • “We got a quarter of headband in Colorado Springs. It was covered in trichromes.. Literally. It also smelled very pungent and tasted rather interesting, although I won't say it's my favorite taste. While this was a great strain for your neighborhood cannassuer, it's also great for recreational and/or medicinal users. Very intense euphoric and energetic effects. While it had me up and moving, still allowed me to go rig...”

  • “I picked this up today at my local dispensary as their $25 1/8 day promotion not really knowing anything about this strain other than it was considered to be a decent Sativa. THC was 20.8%. The bud tender told me it was named headband for the band like sensation many experience. When I got home I packed a bowl and took 5-6 hits. Wonderfully creamy smoke. I found the flavor to be much more restrained than the bud's ...”