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Grape Kush Avis

Bonne à très bonne
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  • “Got this as a C02 oil, that tests at 80%Thc made by the Quarry, very terpy and tasty. Has really nice kush flavour undertones. Effects wise it's what I love in a good hybrid, a thick cloudy head high comes on right away and within 5-10 mins you slip into a nice kush body high that is sucking you down accompanied by a slight body float. It really is lovely, if I come across this and it has been grown well I will defia...”

  • “Having sex on this reminded me of how it felt the first time...fucking incredible.”

  • “great for anxiety, this is a morning/daytime strain for anyone who always needs a calm-me-down but still has stuff to do”

  • “I picked Grape Kush from Arizona Cannabis Society..Grape kush is amazing for PTSD and chronic pain.So light and smooth grape taste cured to perfection just fire! Slept very well and relieved my pain very well.Grape kush effect's remind me of the body buzz of Northern Light's long lasting range from 2-3 hours great effect and little cerebral felt like Yoda thinking of life as a philosopher.If you see it picked it up i...”

  • “Grape Kush has a sweet grapey smell, really Pungent and sorta cheesey. But great over all body high good for just relaxing after a days work i wouldent use this strain if u have to do alot of tasks witch inclueds physical work. Really Euphoric for the first half hour to 45mins. then u just get really tired i wasent suprised most grape and purp strains knock you out there all the same but i like this one probley becau...”

  • “Tastiest smoke of the Kushs in my opinion. A joint of this can work wonders for a headache. Very euphoric/contemplative high.”

  • “I rolled a joint of grape kush today and I gotta say it's a new fave of mine. I forgot just how good it is :P A nice, strong, euphoric high. I noticed my body began to relax after the first couple of puffs. Good for muscle relaxation, pain, also gives a nice head high. I like the taste too, it's sweet and a little earthy. Nice in the evening <3”

  • “I completely loved this strain so far it is my all time favorite. the high is very relaxing and really helpful with my bpd and my bipolar”