Godzilla Glue Avis

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  • “I got this strain from ECC in central CA. SB to be exact. I liked it. Very woodsy, earthy bouquet. Lighter green in color than expected but had yellow-ish hairs. The combination of the two colors play off each other to give off a 'glowing neon' look. Great bag appeal. I'd have to say the only remarkable characteristic of this flower was its appearance. Other than that, I feel it's a middle of the road strain. ...”

  • “For a hybrid, this is a face melter! Definitely becomes sedative after prolonged use.”

  • “Love this strand when I need a nap after school.”

  • “This one had me at 'Hello'. The nose is intriguing - a hint of fuel but mostly toast and a spice you can't quite put a name to but you know it. The smoke is dense but even. And when the head high comes on -- it's a treat. Starts as a lovely, Peaceful feeling of Calm that seems to ask 'Where ya want to go?' One could answer, "The couch, dude". To which the Peaceful Calm would say, "Let's go become one with the c...”

  • “very nice strain....I find it to be a functional indica...definitely nice for sleep if used in excess...small amounts promote deep, positive thoughts...love it!”

  • “This stuff is amazing. I've had lower back pain for years, been on flexeril, did phisical therapy which helped but the pain was still there. within 45 min of smoking this the pain was gone. Also elevated my mood and helped with my anxiety. Great for socializing and not forgetting where your going half way through a sentence. All around this is definitely something I'll be smoking for a while.”

  • “Very good for before work!”

  • “Ho Baaa! Dis bugga is mean kine Pakalolo! Got all da goo from da Gorilla Glue #4 with a sweet tropical finger lickin kick and massive yield boost from da Kona Gold. Hawaiian sativa influence plus all the glue and goo...shootz we go cuz!”