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Frosty Jesus

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What is Frosty Jesus?

Frosty Jesus is a clone-only strain from Rebel Spirit Cannabis that double dips in OG genetics. Created by crossing OG Kush and Jesus OG, this strain captures the warm, pleasant mid-level sedation Kush strains are known for while pushing the lineage a notch further. The strain emits a classic OG terpene profile of lemon peel, pine, and earthy, herbaceous undertones while providing a happy, creative mental state and pleasant body buzz. Frosty Jesus develops a loose bud structure and vibrant green buds.

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Frosty Jesus Effects and Attributes


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Frosty Jesus Flavors

  • 1. Diesel
  • 2. Spicy/Herbal
  • 3. Earthy

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Plus utile

“Blew my mind!! Had Lemon Cake first, then switched to Frosty Jesus. The TREES were even more green when I went Best so far!!”

Plus récente

“picked up 5 grams from my favorite collective nugs are light green with a lot of trichomes super frosty and sticky ,the exhale was a little harsh very diesel kush flavor,the high was very euphoric and sedative didn’t make feel lazy or couch lock like most OG”