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Dr. Who Avis

Bonne à très bonne
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  • “Being a Doctor Who fan since the 4th Doctor, I had to pick this strain up to pay proper homage!! As I inhaled the beautifully rolled pre-roll procured from Bloom Phoenix. I was transformed into the man from Gallifrey!! Upon exhale I entered the abyss of the T.A.R.D.I.S. in pure whovian bliss!! The air filled with scents of pineapple and grapes. As i transcended all of time an space, i was hurtled through the ...”

  • “Dr. Who is now my favorite. It's very tasty and is so fruity and tropical. The high is an Indica buzz but I get some hints of Sativa in there which uplifts me and energizes me. What's is cool is the same time tho I could get up and carry on with my day. My fellow stoners this strain is awesome.”

  • “♡♡♡Dr Who♡♡♡ I have Multiple Sclerosis. Dr Who definitely relaxes with my nerves & muscle. Numbs the pain. Helps with stress and depression. Happy, Happy, Happy....back to the real me Goofy, Joking around, smiling and laughing!!!”

  • “This smoke is harsh, but damn....when it hits you, it hits hard. Ears start feeling full, head is gone in space, but yet tentative and focused. Body high is there but not couch high. 5/5 i love it.”

  • “This made it on my favorite strain list. Dr.Who gave a amazing relaxing body buzz. It's mildly energizing, and mellow. The cerebral effects of Dr. Who will take your head to space into a planet of happiness and peace. Although I did felt for the most part functional and focus, Dr.Who can make you spacey sometimes. Dr. Who is a great evening and night strain. Not that this can be use in the day it's just the body rela...”

  • “What do you get when you cross Mad Scientist with Timewreck? Doctor Who, of course. This slightly Indica strain has a high THC content along with a strong, built-in resistance to powdery mildew. Recommended for use throughout the day, DOCTOR WHO leaves you with a clear head and ready to take on whatever the universe has to throw at you. There are 4 main phenotypes. All have virtually the same smell and taste and all ...”

  • “Strain: Doctor Who (Mad Scientist / TimeWreck cross -- Indica leaning Hybrid) THC: 18.77% CBD: 0.05% Location found: Puddletown Organics Date purchased: 3.24.16 Price: $6.00/g Weight: 1.1g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: Flowers, fruit and herb aromas. Such an interesting strain full of so many flavor profiles. A hearty mix. Look: Just a greenhouse nugget, tight orange hairs and slightly kif ...”

  • “This has become one of my most recent favorite strains. A very rich velvet smoke with deep earthy notes and a hint of pine in the background. This is a great head high, quickly clearing the crown and third eye chakras and gifting the smoker with a clear and centered vibration. Better still this is just as quickly accompanied with a wonderful body high, increasing skin sensitivity and awareness. Wonderful for meditat...”