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Dr. Quantum

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What is Dr. Quantum?

Dr. Quantum is an indica-dominant cross of Dr. Who and Quantum Kush, and it strikes a balance between potency and playfulness. The strain hits fast with a heady, giggly buzz that is easy on the body. Dr. Quantum has a deep citrus perfume aroma with earthy, floral undertones. Utilize this strain to release stress and indulge in the carefree whimsy only cannabis can offer.    


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“Nice relaxing high. Can give you a strong head high and pressure behind the eyes; however, you will feel nice and relaxed. I recently bought some and tried it on it's own and found that it shared some similarities with Sunset Sherbet. Now I grind up both strains and make a cocktail, which I smoke at night and everything slows down and life becomes more peaceful.”