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Cheese Reviews - Page 2

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “I have tried PineBerry, Crimson Pepper and so far the LA Cheese is my TOTAL favorite. I love this stuff!”

  • “So here it is, finally! 4 months later. my first grow ever! its Cheese strain.& by the looks of her I think I did an A ok job. anyone else agree? please feel free to let me know how she looks, visual wise. Thanx again 2 my fellow Leafly-ers!!! Peace&♡♡♡”

  • “I hadn't smoked any herb in 3 months because I moved to a legal state and didn't want to screw up getting my card. That being said, my first trip to a dispensary I saw the Cheese as well as a few others I bought. I smoked this first. Let me say, I was in a haze, locked to my office chair for almost 2 days wondering what the hell I was still doing in the chair, lol. Every time I woke up, I'd take another bong puff, th...”

  • “Theres a difference between the Cheez rhat we gets from local dealers in the uk to that ov the professionally grown and cured stuff found in Amsterdam, so the regular stuff usually found on the estates which is bedroom grown isnt so good.. its still much better than any commercial green thats everywhere! Cheez does the job.. it tastes and smells great.. smokes nice when ground up/dry and it gets u smashed for a good ...”

  • “I don't like to leave negative reviews, but this is my least favorite strain. It's not for lack of potency--this stuff is plenty strong, but it makes me feel like someone hit me with a stupid stick. My brain literally just stops working, and I'm left feeling like a hapless fool. Some people might be after that kind of effect, but it's not my bag. Scent and flavor are pure stinky cheese.”

  • “I have some Northern/Cheese and it's really nice dense big Nugs.. Not too stinky but very Smooth Easy on the throat/lungs.. Def a Night time deal for me.. Obviously Indica dominant for I just can chill and lounge out !! Great head Buzz, very strong, body effects even stronger!! just took two pulls off me regular ole glass and I'll tell you what I'm becoming more ripped as I'm typing these words by the second!!! This ...”

  • “Didn't think I was going to be able to get out of bed yesterday due to exhaustion and cramps. After a small amount of cheese I was up and knocking out chores left and right. It was like the cloud was lifted from my head and suddenly I could think and see clearly again. Lasted a good while.”

  • “My girlfriend is mad at me. She asked me to get cheese in the grocery. I came home with cheese :D cheese mad at me now.”