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It's like being hit by a tidal wave, but then you stay in the tidal wave. The euphoria engulfs you, bringing you relaxation of the mind and body. So, what can you do inside this giant? You ride the wave! Right through the city. You see all these people get swallowed by your wave, and you're just controlling it like a goddamn water-bender and laughing. Then, you gather them all together and tell stories about "that one time at band camp..." But not everyone went to band camp, so it had to be modified to "that one time we all smoked together..." Then, everyone's able to relate. It's great. Everybody has a blast laughing and enjoying fond memories of the past. Unfortunately, everyone is so caught up with the fun times that no one sees that the tidal wave is about to crash. Some fall unconscious. Some are just fine. You're doing whatever you do best. But eventually, everyone falls asleep with content in their heart. Because it's not every day you get to ride tidal waves and shit.
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Form & Method

  • Fleur
  • Vapeur


  • Créativité
  • Euphorie
  • Gloussement
  • Bonheur
  • Détente
  • Loquacité

Flavor Profile

  • Pomme
  • Terre
  • Mordant
  • Fromage
  • Beurre
  • Bois
  • Marron

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