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An intense body high that will have you feeling totally overpowered under waves of physical and psychological euphoria. Music feels incredible. Food is unbelievable. Cheese was also the first time I got TOO high and experienced weed paranoia for the first time. Because it's such a moorish indica, I've known people practically devote their lives to smoking cheese. I know most of that hype in the media 5-10 years ago about 'skunk' was bullshit, but no smoke without fire. When I think of my formative years as a cannabis smoker, I think cheese. It was all the rage in my area being a London kid, partly because of the short, chubby nature of the plant (easy to grow commercially in even small flats), but also because this strain gets you STONED. Cheese was the first strain I ever smoked, and for about a year and a half was basically the *only* strain I smoked. And yet, I haven't had the pleasure of smoking this heavily potent, psychedelic strain for about two and a half years. Such a shame! Brings me back to the days of being 14, getting stoned every day before school and no one else knowing I smoked weed. Such a weird time- weird and beautiful. I don't recommend doing that, by the way, especially if you're 14. It can easily fuck you up and stop you from taking necessary steps in your life. Luckily, I seem to have managed though! All in all, if you treat cheese responsibly, it will lay avenue upon avenue of sumptuous, vibratory pleasure on your mind and body.
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Form & Method

  • Fleur
  • Fumée


  • Euphorie
  • Faim
  • Sommeil
  • Picotement
  • Yeux secs
  • Bouche sèche
  • Paranoïa

Flavor Profile

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