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Blue Goo Reviews - Page 2

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Got this from a fat pre-roll .. awesome high, really good for middle of the day and just chilling out.”

  • “this one has the flavor of blueberry with the density of afghani when smoking it come's on quick last's for a couple hours or so. i enjoyed it very much it didn't knock me out, i like to have some control, where ever possible.”

  • “I love any strain when it taste like blueberry. I thought it was a little on the weak side, but not everyone is looking for heavy hitters. Blue Goo taste phenomenal and hits smooth.”

  • “Buds have a potent aroma of sweet black tea. Tastes of wispy sweet vanilla with deep woody undertone that provides a slight burn of chili pepper. You get an immediate head high and your body tingles.”

  • “Very cerebral,had a hard time sleeping. I was told by the dispensary it would help with insomnia but it was just the opposite. I would use this during the day.”

  • “Nice balanced high.”

  • “Method of consumption - Flower; Smoking. ---- Smell - I will divvy this category up in three pieces; Full flower, grounded up flower, and smoke. Full - Sweet yet tart. On the herbal side of blueberry's scent profile. Ground - It reminded me of Blueberry strain I had couple months ago. Very fruity in blueberry tones. However, it's sweeter. Almost if you could taste it. Smoke - This is, rather, strange. The ...”

  • “This strain is a pretty good hybrid; it's like you feel lazy and sleepy but you don't mind being on your feet. A good strain to end the day. Makes you feel happy.”