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Can't hate on a hybrid for doing what it do 🐒👈🏽. The medz I purchased were labeled Blueberry Goo, but the berry taste in the description lends to the case being made that Blue Goo and Blueberry Goo are the same thing. Sedated is the word I'd use to describe the most prominent of effects I experienced. I felt more 🤤than 😴 and I experienced a solid 30 mins of trippy, euphoric, "sativa" energy high before the Ativan (indica/body high) kicked in. Anti-anxiety up the yang with this one, but it left me a little dryer than I like to feel. Sedated, stoned, zapped, comatose...Yeah those about cover the long term effects I experienced. The scent was a berry sweet with some pine tones. Maaad tricome coverage and extra sticky nugs. The smoke was pleasant and reminiscent of diesel and wood. Blueberry Goo won't make you go to sleep, but it nudges you incessantly to do so. I like it as a before bed kinda smoke, because it will keeps my mind from racing 😂 💯 and brings me down to a restful state. Only grab AAA examples of this strain and as always do your research before you buy. LIKE/FOLLOW THANKS
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Form & Method

  • Fleur
  • Fumée


  • Excitation
  • Créativité
  • Énergie
  • Euphorie
  • Concentration
  • Détente
  • Sommeil
  • Exaltation
  • Vertige
  • Bouche sèche

Flavor Profile

  • Petit fruit
  • Diesel
  • Pin
  • Bois

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