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It has one of the best flavor profiles out of the 50 or so strains i've tried at this point. I keep coming back to the BD because it's a SOLID high.. not too much, not too little. it gets you to just the right place and holds you there. you can focus on any task you need to, memory might be a bit shoddy but the increase in speed and focus is like having taken ADD meds. I smoke this frequently in a bowl with some chemnesia thrown in, and that elevates it even more. I'd say bd isnt particularly "great" for pain, but it does do well. It's caused a few headaches when i may have partaken a bit much. ANyhow, blue dream is as solid as you could ever hope. If you smoke it and are expecting a very nice mellowed out pleasant experience... well then good people of the interwebs, toke up.
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  • Fumée


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