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Blue dream: Not the best I’ve smoked, but a good, consistent, predictable and functional high. I’ve heard a lot of hype about this strain being one of the best in the world, and yeah it is good, but there are a lot of better strains out there. My first time with this, I lit a spliff on my porch one autumn evening and for the first half hour I was solely content listening to the breeze through the leaves in the trees, then got up, watched some TV, and did some dishes. The high is relaxing without couch lock, very functional. Takes the edge off my PTSD, but I can still go around and do the things I need to get done. An always predictable strain I can use for any occasion.
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Form & Method

  • Fleur
  • Fumée


  • Concentration
  • Détente
  • Exaltation

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