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VOTS AZ Super Sour OG {{value}} {{symbol}}Azs {{category}}Hybrid

VOTS AZ Super Sour OG

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What is VOTS AZ Super Sour OG?

VOTS AZ Super Sour OG from Valley of the Sun is a sour and skunky hybrid strain that can test as high as 24% THC. Its sativa-dominant genetics ease consumers into euphoric focus, making it a perfect daytime strain for creative pastimes and social gatherings. The uplifting qualities are recommended for depression and stress, but novice consumers should take caution as its psychoactive effects can become overwhelming in large doses.

Where to Buy VOTS AZ Super Sour OG

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VOTS AZ Super Sour OG Effects and Attributes

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VOTS AZ Super Sour OG Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Pungent
  • 3. Diesel

Avis notables

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Plus utile

“Oh gawd. I didn't feel anything for a while so I kept smoking then-- I felt like my brain was laughing at me as I realized I made a huge mistake. My body was obsorbed into the couch but my brain was zooming through space in a zig-zag formation but my eyes couldn't keep up with it. The strain made watching Kimmy Shmidt terrifying somehow. I kept on telling myself that all the characters were in danger of being murder...”

Plus récente

“Just what the doctor ordered💚 Super Sour OG kept me from needing any opiates after major neck surgery. Fantastic results. Great taste. Energizing. Yum yum get you some!😉”


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