Alien Inferno Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Alien Inferno #10 Top Notch Flower with a big blast of THC on the inhale. 4 plus Stars. Was recommended by the budtendress (you know the cute thin goth one with the nose piercing), when I asked her which strain was a head high that would impress someone who samples different flowers all the time and will hold her to a less than stellar recommendation. She grinned gauged up ear to gauged up ear like the Cheshire Ca...”

  • “Man that stuffs no joke !!! some off the best I've had in a long time”

  • “I love this strain! It smokes well and I mainly use it when doing house cleaning, organizing, and/or decorating. It helps keep my energy going and my creativity is exceptional! It also helps with anxiety when I have to go out in public.”

  • “very good strain to smoke afterwork,its very calming. makes you feel happy.”

  • “Was a nice hybrid leaning on a heavier side of Sativa. Very unique must try to understand.. :) very good!”

  • “This is something meant for the gods right here”

  • “very frosty strain, smells and smokes great!!!”

  • “Hands down my favorite strain!! felt like i got abducted for like 3 hours, some legit tho!!”