Alien Asshat Avis

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  • “Wow. On the inhale notes of fruit and citrus really come through leaving you smacking your lips to continue tasting the draw. Uplifts and really pierces my frontal lobe. Not racy or overwhelming. Good strain for being around a bunch of people. Can't emphasize enough how fun this one is. Lower doses great for activities where higher doses leave me contemplating staying in my sitting position in a relaxing haze.”

  • “Really fun high! With a Total THC at 29.97% I wasn't sure what to expect, it turns out that the high was really much more mild than I was expecting, and by mild I mean zero anxiety, zero couch locky gotta stay in one place kinda feeling. The bud is very dense with a kinda sweet skunky smell that turns out to be a citrus flavor when the smoked. So all in all its a strain that tastes pretty good, with a fun high that i...”

  • “AA Rocks! I'm usually able to control my coughing when smoking good weed, but this was over the top! So good, but so hard to find. :(”

  • “Sky High Gardens - purchased 10/15/15 at Greenway Marijuana - No date of harvest on this package, but THC analysis is included in full review. This strain is actually pretty stony, but not as much as the THC content would suggest. It tends towards the sativa side of hybrid. What disappointed me was the almost total lack of taste or smell. It's slightly grassy and earthy. I will probably smoke the rest of it, a dayti...”

  • “great high hits you quick”

  • “I bought this strain for the first time recently, it was recommended by a bud tender. It's a great strain. Good strong, long lasting high that doesn't make you fall asleep. Also creates a large amount of kief and grinds/rolls nicely. Will definitely buy this weed again.”

  • “@SkyHighgardens #SkyHighGardens @Skyhigh #Skyhigh #AlienAsshat #AAH (<-exactly what i thought after the #bong hit) Label: #Potency Analysis - Total - 27.20% #THCA - 29.53% #THC - 1.30% #CBD - 0.1% Purchased from @GreenwayMarijuana in #PortOrchard (just hit the shelves as i was there) My #BudTender i prefer to speak to is Steven, this guy is one of the best #BudTenders i have had the pleasure to have met. The #atmos...”

  • “Had for the first time last night and it was pretty solid, but to be honest I was expecting more from a strain with this high THC. It didn't hit me instantly, but rather slowly built up. I was already in a good mood, but it had been a very long day. Alien was pretty uplifting with some 'carefree' effects as well as being a small motivator. I like the strain and I will be smoking again, but I wasn't knocked on my ...”