Albert Walker Avis

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  • “This weed was straight up dope! I feel like I really enjoy those earthy, lemon flavor notes. Good body high like most indicas and got me giggling through a bunch of Malcolm in The Middle episodes! Don't Google Albert Walker though you won't be be impressed with his resume. But you will be impressed with his weed strain!”

  • “I'm amazed! Tried this for the first time yesterday after reading some great reviews. I was gonna take an anxiety med but decided to try this first. I DIDN'T NEED MY BENZODIAZAPINE!!! Plus I am nice and relaxed and happy after just 2 puffs! Lovely strain. I don't want any other at the moment!”

  • “Albert walker is an amazing strain and very hard to find the TRUE smoke. I have been looking a long time for this strain because it increases your appetite, helps depression, while keeping a clear head. Indica Dominant Hybrid, with a very mellow but noticeable Citrus scent with a Diesel linger. INTENSE medication that I am always willing to pick up whenever I see it!”

  • “Tasty, beautiful buds. Psychedelic high. This stuff may surprise you like it surprised me. Happy trippy affects with no paranoia or anxiety. Great for going to concerts for sure.”

  • “Review for "The Wook #1" [Albert Walker x (Forum Cookies x OG Kush)]. Great indica strain. Super stony effects, strong physical melt and euphoric mood lift. Smells and tastes amazing. Pungent and skunky with a sweetness inherited from the Cookies parent. A more indica dominant, stony version of Dogwalker OG (this flower grown by One-Eye in Oregon - from what I understand the original breeder of Dogwalker OG). This is...”

  • “Heavy heavy heavy. Super sleepy and very potent. It was hard waking up the next morning, but the sleep aid was definitely worth it. The flowers itself are skunky-piney-citrus in smell.”

  • “number 2 on my list”

  • “I don't normally go out of my way to rate strains, but definitely wanted to give this one a good rating, and let people know how great it is for anxiety. You can immediately tell that it's an indication dominant because of its heavy body high. I was in a bad mood, smoked this weed, and I was singing to some songs I barely knew the lyrics to. I love weeds that just immediately make you forget your problems, and loosen...”