Afghanica Avis

Bonne à très bonne
Inférieure à la moyenne
Pas recommandée
  • “Dominant Afghan taste, form and quality of high coupled with dominant Skunk yield, vigour and general potency gives you the cream of the crops.”

  • “Overall rating is a 9/10, and give it the same score for how well it worked on my nerve pain. I really liked it. Great smell and taste. I loaded a pipe and sat down to smoke it. After a short while, my roommate asked me why it smelled like a skunk in the living room. I showed her the bowl, then had to go smoke it because it was stinking up the apartment. lol”

  • “Afghanica has your traditional afghani smell but more sweeter with a slight smell of tea, not my favorite smelling strain, i like more of the strong pungent smelling strains but if u like afghan this will be a nice choice, the effects are very nice not strong, pretty uplifting with a nice relaxing, focused stone. perfect strain for the afternoon. good for a beginner not over powering . ill give this a 4 out of 5.”

  • “I love me some afghanica i find when i smoke it i get a real heavy sativa for the first 15 minutes then in like 30 mins it will just feel like a heavy indica i feel like just relaxing, its pretty potent”

  • “feels pretty mellow, I'm used to straight indica, I can def tell that there is sativa in the mix...”

  • “I could definitely smoke this at night, but not as a daily smoke. Great looking buds.”

  • “Not the most potent strain I've had but I've never had a strain smell like tea before... Afghanica provided one of the smoothest smokes ever, every hit felt like nothing even from a joint.”

  • “What I got was from W.F.C. Called "reserve" so I had to google what it was. 4 because I just tried. When I review I try to do a 3 hit, wait a bit and after that state my opinion... I've noticed that at times... the second time even with same bag it changes. With that being said. It's a very "high" mellow-like FIRE! Good referral from budtender!! I love it.”