Acid Avis

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  • “I have PTSD, with that being said, F all that if you have anxiety crap. It did me well and I have anxiety out the wazoo lmao. seriously, nice lift, made me feel like a slice of butter melting on hotcakes lmfao”

  • “Nice Indica Hybrid very Sour taste strong Effect !m”

  • “lemme get this shit in AZ SOMEHOW!”

  • “Really strong strain!! Not for first time Smokers :)”

  • “damn good smoke, not for the first timers as mentioned above. Another dank strain from the Spanish breeders. smooth and sweet smoke similar to the original nyc diesel. very intense strong high and immidiate onset.”

  • “They call it acid for a reason! Expect a rush of creative thought followed by a killer body buzz. Very dank”

  • “Smooth smoke from the tip to the lungs, don't believe that, "if you have anxiety" crap, I have PTSD and high anxiety yet, this strain made me feel great. everything was something to smile at. lmao. thanks whoever came up with this strain”

  • “Strong weed, Start with a good uplift and after 30-60 minutes it goes in your body.”