501st OG Avis

Bonne à très bonne
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  • “This is some fire shit that requires you to pay attention to how much you smoke/consume. I consider myself a veteran toker (20+ years) and 8 puffs had me in a time space dimensional trance, where ten minutes felt like an hour and an hour felt like ten minutes it was pretty intense.. Lasts hours.”

  • “Location: The Joint - Denver THC: 17.6 - 20.0% CBD: 0.00% Additional Notes: First time trying this strain. Appearance Rating: 4.50 Appearance Description: All of the buds were very small and relatively compact. They had a vibrant purple color with hints of deep green. They were covered in well developed trichomes and had a healthy amount of red hair. They were well manicured. Taste Rating: 4.50 Taste Descriptio...”

  • “Awesome, great for sleep. I wake up in the same position I fall asleep in, no tossing and turning.”

  • “This strain is amazing for my insomnia and anxiety. The sedative effect is heavy, so make sure your responsibilities are done for the day. I appreciate this strain because it never lets me down.”

  • “Gotta Love the cushy ,comfy warm relaxing effects. Superb ! Indica qualities enhance a great buzz. They could have called this strain Rod Serling ( Do they have a "Rod Sterling " strain already ?? ), Like .."You Have Just Stepped Into..........."”

  • hi2

    “3.5... Nice after work weed. Relaxing. A good choice if you need to get some things done around the house in the evening and you want your mind and body to relax. You'll still be able to focus. I did not feel especially drowsy.”

  • Bmt

    “Very potent and heavy strain. Two hits and I forgot where I was. Body feel want the best for me but still the strongest thing I smoked”

  • “Really good head high at first, which quickly moves into a powerful body high. Great for my insomnia, but not as good for my narcolepsy (I feel lethargic every morning after using to sleep). 4-6 hits is the sweet spot for sleep, but more than 6 and your mind's in the stratosphere (in a good way).”